Happiness Engineer Application


Forward movement toward a goal.

Continuous personal growth.

Pursuing ambitions to the end.

My name is Paulo E. Aquino.

I believe everything builds off foundation.

Creativity and self-expression have followed me throughout life—in many various forms—since my youngest years. These qualities are a core part of who I am and I realize I am at my best when I work in an environment that allows me to utilize these natural strengths freely.

I also have a strong belief that our purpose in life is to improve the well-being of others and the environment around us, because if not, what do we live for?

I have always found a way to inspire and advance ideas in unique and creative ways, so that others may be one step closer to achieving something great, something that would leave the world off in a better place.

Automattic is one of those few and very rare companies I discovered where remote work and strong company culture mesh in such a way that inspires and motivates employees to go above and beyond their daily duties to help those in need.

I help others not for personal gain or recognition, but because I genuinely care about their success and what they have to share and contribute to the world. WordPress is a beautiful thing in that it serves as a free and open platform to have a voice, one which some may not have otherwise had. I help others because I too am an advocate in the movement for democratizing publishing.

And if that means guiding a user to a proper support document, fixing and editing code, or even helping someone configure a theme so that it best represents who they are, then you can count on me to be there, right by their side, helping out to the best of my ability.

Happy Customer Experiences

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This blog post itself is a great contribution to the Japanese WP community too — we need people to share what’s happening here not only in our language.” —naokomc

Thanks for your excellent help here, @pauloeaquino 🙂” —supernovia

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As @ismyblogyours [@pauloeaquino] mentioned, domain mapping is a way of connecting an existing domain to your site here on WordPress.com.” —gemmacevans

As Paulo mentioned, the ability to add custom CSS is something that requires a Premium or Business plan.” —kathrynwp

I am truly enthusiastic to have found Automattic, a company that holds many of the same values, beliefs and interests as my own, and am very eager to share my resume and application with you.

Please view my resume here.

I look forward to hopefully speaking with you soon about how I could further contribute to Automattic’s cause.


Paulo E. Aquino


Tell us what books you’ve read about customer service and what you thought of them.

Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh

I can probably guess that many applicants mention this book in their applications, and naturally so since it’s “recommended” in the Happiness Engineer job description. So I was hesitant as to whether I’d put it down too, but truth be told, I was quite moved by this book and I’d like to share what resonated with me most.

In the last chapter, Tony talks about three particular “happiness frameworks” that he found to be most useful in his life and in shaping his company culture. At the heart of everyone’s desires is to find happiness.

By following either of these frameworks, a person’s capacity to find happiness would increase exponentially, simply because of the fact that happiness and fulfillment is most commonly discovered by contributing to something greater than oneself.

The basic idea is that when someone is happy, they feel fulfilled. And when a person finds fulfillment, they are also at their best when they work. In a customer service business or industry, customers can see when a worker is passionate and cares deeply about their work because it clearly shows when they speak and how they act. The energy naturally radiates from those who are happy and that’s the influence we should all strive to have.

Please Visit My Personal Blog Post Related To Delivering Happiness
Profits, Passion and Purpose: http://wp.me/p8vO1L-pr

Start With Why by Simon Sinek

This is definitely one of my favorite books. Companies and individuals with a clear sense of purpose, direction or reason as to why their company or business exists will always come out on top and more successful than those who don’t. They will also always have the loyalty of their customers, employees and followers.

Simon gives a very insightful look into how companies with a clarity of why are usually the ones that provide work environments where employees are truly valued.

Drawing many connections from the ideas presented in the book, I can see that it’s no coincidence that I often read about how many employees at Automattic love their job. Automattic has a clear purpose that guides the direction of its employees, which also serves as a calling to other prospective individuals who share these same values.

The result of people gathering together under a common cause is this: an undeniable passion and spirit to work tirelessly for the company they represent, not because they have to, but because they want to

Have you been part of an amazing customer support experience? Tell us what made it memorable.

In my college days, I was an orientation leader for what’s called the Student Parent Orientation Program, also known as SPOP, at the University of California Irvine—my alma mater. Getting freshmen students motivated and inspired to go to the university they’ll be receiving their education at for the next four years is, in more ways than one, like providing support to customers for a premium product or service they are or will be using.

There were essentially two parts of this program that could summarize my entire experience: the staff training & the orientation sessions itself. I had the unique opportunity to inspire and be inspired by everyone and everything. But what made this memorable for me was the environment in which everything took place.

Opportunities to lead, to have creative freedom, to grow personally, break out of comfort zones, mingle with people from all walks of life—these all contributed to the environment staffers were trained in. And ultimately this very same environment would be what we introduced to incoming freshmen. The result: students who were once unenthusiastic, unmotivated or even indifferent about coming to our university now had a complete 180 degree turn in attitude.

“I loved spop!”, “You made me love UCI”, “The talent show was the best part of SPOP!”, “You guys are awesome :DD”

These were just some of the many comments we received from the reviews the new freshmen left us. We even inspired many to want to become future staffers!

“I want to apply to be a staffer myself in the future!”, “…they inspired me to want to be a staff leader!”, “Thank you! P.S. I think I want to be a staffer too!”, “…definitely want to become a SPOP staffer”

These comments and reviews were more than any of us could ask for. It’s what we were all here for and there was certainly no feeling more rewarding than seeing these freshmen now excited more than ever to go to college.

What online support communities have you contributed to? Link us to your profile there.

I have and still contribute to the following communities:

WordPress.com Support Forums


WordPress.org Support Forums + Japanese Polyglots


Translate WordPress.com Japanese (i18n)


Are you driven to achieve? Tell us about an accomplishment in your life that you’re proud of.

With no intentions to overlap my answers, it just so happens that my experience with SPOP, previously mentioned in Question #2, tremendously impacted my life, very much so that it inspired me to produce what would become one my most proudest accomplishments in life.

“The Definition of SPOP”, a short 15 minute documentary style video that I set out on my own accord to make, chronicles the personal insights and opinions of various staffers. I wanted to create a video that captured the essence of inspiration, the word and feeling that everyone wanted to describe, but struggled with when asked to respond to the statement, “Define SPOP”.

Stringing together words from one person to another with careful video editing, the goal was to create a cohesive message that embodies what SPOP is all about—a movement to help others, increase confidence in one’s own ability to succeed, instill positive outlooks and most importantly to inspire change.

This contribution to SPOP was my way of giving back to a community that not only brought profound meaning into my life, but also into the lives of others.

Please Visit My Original Video Post
The Definition of SPOP: 


My Original Blog Post Related To My SPOP Experience
When Different Perspectives Come Together To Advance Our Understanding Of The World & Inspire Change: http://wp.me/p8vO1L-kX

Schedules at Automattic are flexible and support is an around-the-clock endeavor. Are you a night owl or weekend warrior? Do you prefer to work non-traditional times or outside of US business hours? If so, let us know.

I am completely comfortable working during both non-traditional hours or the standard 9-to-5 schedule. Technically, with my current 9-to-5 schedule, I would be working outside of US business hours due to my current location in Japan. Although, I can say I am truly adaptable to various working time conditions, I am a big believer in maximizing time to its fullest potential. In other words, I’m an early riser and at times a late sleeper. I like getting up and starting work early, as it is during the mornings that I’m most charged.

Where did you hear about the position?

I found out about the Happiness Engineer position along with all the other positions on Automattic’s Work With Us page.


 Personal Tidbits

Staying Hungry For Knowledge

What I’m Currently Studying
Web Development
The Complete JavaScript Course
Become A Junior WordPress Developer
Learn Photoshop, Web Design & Profitable Freelancing
JLPT N2 Master Course

Expanding Cultural Horizons Through Spoken & Written Word

Languages I Speak & Write
– English (Native)
– Japanese (Conversational, JLPT N3)

I had the opportunity to promote tourism in Hokkaido with ANA Experience Japan, part of a subsidiary group for All Nippon Airlines, Japan’s largest Airline. Two of my articles have been published on their site.

Please Check Out My Articles Here
Oronko Rock Will Take Your Breath Away—Literally
– Picturesque Cascades & Energy Boosting Ions at Oshinkoshin Falls

Recently, I have also been actively taking part in the localization of WordPress software in Japan. I occasionally ask questions and interact with members of the Japanese Polyglots team through their official Slack channel (wpja.slack.com). Here is a list of recent contributions I’ve made.

WooCommerce Pay With Amazon 1.7.0 (strings waiting for validation)
WooCommerce Subscriptions (strings waiting for validation)
WP eCommerce

Floral (strings waiting for validation)
Twentyseventeen (strings waiting for validation)
Verity (strings waiting for validation)
Weaver Xtreme

WordPress Community Involvement

WordCamps I’ve Attended
WordCamp Kyoto 2017 (Jun.24-25)
WordCamp Tokyo 2017 (Sept.17-18)

Journeying The World

Places I’ve Been To
– United States (San Diego, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, +many)
– Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Sapporo, Naha, +many)
– Italy (Milan, Venice, Florence, Pisa, Rome)
– Taiwan (Taipei)

The World With My Wife: https://vimeo.com/232023697

Education As A Means To Help Individuals Discover Their Real Passions, So That They Can Live The Life They Dream

Schools I’ve Taught At
Junior High School
– Hiraoka Chuo
– Koto
– Kamishinoro
– Shinoro Nishi
– Meien
High School
– Sapporo Nihon University (current workplace)
Language School
– Atlas Language School
– ABCkara
*** Subject: English
*** Location: Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan

As an innovative and new way to engage students in writing, English communication and internet technology, I recently introduced blogging into our curriculum utilizing WordPress.com as the platform. In Japan at least, I realized this type of activity could be considered quite an unconventional means of education, and so it remains experimental for the time being. The website I built and currently use with my students for this project can be found here: English Expression II.

Please Read More About My Thoughts On This Here
WordPress In Japanese Education: http://wp.me/p8vO1L-5n


Applying personal flavor, creativity and a touch of altruism in everything I do — I help individuals grow and make a difference.

The rewarding feeling of knowing I have impacted someone’s life for the better is why I get up in the morning.

Happiness, as one might call it, is a feeling that comes from within, and there is simply no greater human experience than this.